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  Payments RacingBrake Big Brake Kit Advantages

RacingBrake aluminum caliper big brake kits decrease stopping distance, eliminate brake fade, stiffen the brake pedal, and provide better brake modulation. Through our patented two-piece rotor design, we keep the brake system cool and increase braking power, longevity, and performance. Most of our racing customers demand strong and consistent brake torque under "extreme" braking conditions, durable system components, and an affordable price. RacingBrake focuses on these expectations and delivers a system that suits racers' braking needs and includes everything needed for a complete installation.

When researching upgrading to an aluminum caliper big brake kit, consider the following overall costs:

  • What will the initial investment and installation cost be?
  • Do you need any other hardware that does not come with the kit?
  • What will be the operating and maintenance cost to replace brake rotors and pads? Initial Investment

A major part of a big brake kit is the initial investment. We price our brake kits competitively while maintaining the quality and performance our customers expect. Below are a few examples of how we compare to Stoptech and Brembo.

Front 13" (332mm) two-piece rotor big brake kit price comparison:

  RacingBrake Stoptech Brembo
350Z 03-07 $1,680 $2,195 $3,036
WRX 02-09 $1,680 $2,095 $3,036
Prices are retail cost. Calipers

RacingBrake calipers are made from forged 6061-T6 aluminum and precisely machined to every detail. Stock calipers - aluminum (Brembo) or cast iron (06-08 WRX) are mass-produced and are usually made through a casting or extrusion process which is not as dense and strong in structure as forging.

- Caliper Body: Made of forged 6061-T6. Light weight at only 4.5lbs, these new RB4000 calipers are re-designed and built for the toughest brake jobs with extended service life before any rebuild is required.

- Low Profile: Together with RB Center-Mount design two-piece rotors, you hardly even need to require a spacer to install the kit.

Piston Material: Made of stainless steel instead of aluminum commonly used by other caliper mfgrs which can substantially reduce the heat transfer (approx 1/10 of aluminum) from the pad to brake fluid. Pistons are vented to furtherreduce the heat contact area and improve air circulation thereby reducing more heat transfer. Piston
- Dust Seal: Our dust seal is of built-in type (instead of external boot type) uniquely designed to shield the dust and foreign material from contamination and will not rip - as commonly seen on boot type dust seals. Piston

- Hardware: Brake pad pins and banjo connections were re-designed for easier brake line connection and brake pad replacement.
- Surface Coating: Powder coating with most durable finish for lasting appeal.
- Hardware: Most hardware is made of stainless steel for durable performance and appearance.

- Never Get Lost Bleeder Cap: Newly designed with a retaining loop so you will never have to find it again and/replace the lost ones. (made of durable EPDM) Piston

- Use standard FMSI brake pads (D647): A very common P/N (same as WRX 4-pot fix pistons calipers, plenty of choice for suppliers and compounds.
- Pre-loaded Brake Pads: Brake pads are shipped pre-loaded to caliper from our warehouse. Preloaded caliper
- Caliper Color: Choose your caliper color - Available in Red or Black. Preloaded caliper

- Made in USA: Calipers are designed, fully assembled and hydro-tested in our Fullerton, CA facility, with full after sales support/service.

RacingBrake calipers are mounted to the adaptor with two high strength alloy steel bolts in a radial direction (top mount) - from the caliper down to the adaptor. Stock Brembo and cast iron fixed piston calipers are mounted in an axial direction (side mount), from the spindle to caliper. A top mount caliper is more rigid than a side mount caliper. Rotors

RacingBrake two-piece rotors are directional (different for left and right sides), heat treated for added strength, and use RB's patented center mount design and convergent vane design, which increase airflow and makes the disc cooler. Electrodeposition Paint (EDP) is used to coat the aluminum hat, which is light weight and highly resistant to rust and corrosion. Hardware is a simple 2-piece component design (stud & nut) and is self locking to prevent the use of springs, glue, or clips.

Maintenance: Rotor Rings
RB rotor rings are most well known for their durability – they last event after event without needing replacement. If you need replacement rings, our rotor rings cost only a fraction of the competitions'.

(Surface Mount**)
Stoptech Brembo
328x28mm $258 $181 $230 N/A
332x32mm $234 $187 $250 N/A
355x32mm $264 $196 $260 N/A
Prices are retail cost.

* RacingBrake's patented center-mount design provides air inlets to cooling vanes from both inboard and outboard. Learn more...
** RacingBrake's surface mount rotors are designed to fit Stoptech and Brembo rotor hats. They are built with our patented convergent vane design for better cooling. The discs are also alloyed and heat treated for extra resistance to warping and cracking. Learn more...

One-piece rotors are on a select few of our big brake kit applications. One piece rotors cost significantly less than two-piece rotors and are perfect for daily driving. Pads

Our popular 4-piston caliper kits use standard FMSI Brake Pad #D647 (same pad as 2006+ Subaru WRX) instead of special, high priced pads.

  RacingBrake (RB4045) Stoptech (ST-40) Brembo (F-40)
Hawk HPS $89 $122 $120
Hawk HP Plus $117 $165 $150
Hawk DTC-60 $184 $242 $236
Carbotech Bobcat $129 $140 $191
Carbotech XP8 $162 $172 $225
Carbotech XP16 $215 $230 $273
Prices are retail cost.

RB ET Series Brake Pads
From daily driver to dedicated tracking racing enthusiast, our ET-series brake pads provide a selection of various compounds that makes them easy to choose and use at an affordable cost.

See our ET series brake pad selection guide. Adaptors

The adaptors are made out of high-strength 7075-T6 aluminum alloy which minimizes any bending or flexing when the calipers engage. Fitment

RX7 Fitment GuideEach of our brake kits has a fitment diagram for you to check to see if our system will fit your wheels. Our kits can have better axial clearance than competitors' kits due to our patented center mount design, which sets the rotor farther inboard. In addition, our kits and don't require you to buy expensive larger wheels, wheel spacers, or longer wheel studs.

RX-7 big brake kit example:

  A = Axial clearance B = Radial Clearance C
RacingBrake 19 187 117
Brembo 29 188 110
Stoptech 24 191 116

RacingBrake is dedicated to providing you with the look, performance and price you are looking for, and a big brake kit that will satisfy your braking needs while giving you that “muscle” look under larger wheels. There is no better value in the marketplace for high performance aluminum big brake kits.

View our Aluminum Caliper Kit application guide  
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