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  Payments Feature Comparison - One-piece Rotors

Features Competition RB Rotors Benefits
Design Duplicate from OE sample for aftermarket replacement. 3D modeling assures dimensional accuracy with improved, patented designs for optimum performance. - Reinforced ribs reduce warpage.
- Convergent vane keeps disc cooler. 
 - Open slots vent gas and debris w/o buildup.
Material Standard aftermarket replacement. Casting based on performance formula. Increased longevity and higher resistance to warping.
Machining Modified from shelf stock. Rotors are machined with tight tolerances in parallelism, thickness variation and run out. Cross drilling and slotting are part of the production process. RB rotors have total performance integrity - from design to finish.
Dynamic Balancing May or may not be done. Cross-drilling is often done after the balancing step, which may result in an imbalanced rotor. 100% checked and corrected as needed for all ventilated rotors. To assure pulsation free pedal feel.
Surface Coating Cadmium, Zinc plating or None. ElectroDeposition Paint (EDP) EDP offers better resistance to corrosion with uniform surface coverage on both edges and recesses (inside vanes). Better appearance and more environmental friendly.
Friction Surface Finish Plating is the final step. Friction surface remains plated. Final process cross cut grinding, which is performed after surface coating. Tightest tolerance is assured by correcting any possible distortion during surface treatment. Aids in pad break-in.
Quality Assurance May or may not have QA procedures. Our company name, part number, minimum thickness, lot number, and or production date code are imprinted. Symbol of quality, identification, and traceability. Feature Comparison - Two-piece Rotor (Center-mount)

Features Competition RacingBrake Benefit
Vane configuration Traditional curve Convergent curve (Learn more...) Circulate air more efficiently for better cooling
Air inlet Inboard only Both inboard and outboard Much cooler disc
Disc to hat mount On surface On center Balanced stress load
Rotation direction Directional (left or right) Uni-directional (left & right) Installer friendly and less inventory
Disc Material Standard G3000 material - 30,000 psi of tensile strength. G3500 racing formula (35,000 psi of tensile strength) and heat treated More resistant to wear and warpage
Finish Drill or slot Slotted, Drilled&Slotted, or Open slot available (Learn more...) Open slots improve cooling, prevent cracking, and vent gas and debris without build up
Surface coating Bare or zinc plating EDP coating EDP offers better resistance to corrosion with uniform surface coverage on both edges and recesses (inside vanes). Better appearance and more environmental friendly.
Rotor hat Cut from billet Forged aluminum alloy Provides better strength & stiffness
Fastener/hardware Use washer and glue Use self-locking nuts (Learn more...) Positive locking w/o annoying rattling. No threadlocker. Easy to assemble and remove.
Warranty N/A 6 month Protection against cracking or warpage (read more) Back to previous page  
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