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  Payments Manufacturing

Strict manufacturing standards insure optimal performance & durability, which offers enthusiasts a firm, confidence-inspiring pedal.
Our foundry has over 20 years of experience producing quality castings.  Our rotors have the following features cast onto each hat.
  • Our name
  • Part number
  • Minimum thickness
  • Lot number.
Precision CNC Machining
Disc thickness variation, run-out, and balance are held to industry leading standards.
  • 100% dynamically balanced to reduce vibration
  • L & R stamping or direction arrow for correct installation
  • Final crosscut for faster pad bedding .

Drilled/Slotted Rotors

Cross-drilled holes are chamfered and slots are ball end-milled.

  • Vents pad gases, brake dust, and debris
  • Improves “bite” and refreshes pad surface.
View RB two-piece disc surface finish comparison Material
RacingBrake iron is formulated to optimize performance and durability.
Formula 1
  • Alloyed gray iron
  • Uniform microstructure
  • Increased strength and wear resistance.

Formula 2

  • Heat-treated version of Formula 1
  • Increased resistance to warpage.

Formula 5 ; 8
Compact Graphite Iron (CGI) combines the heat capabilities of grey iron and strength of ductile iron.

  • Recommended for extreme applications. Surface Coating

RacingBrake rotors are Electro-Deposition Painted (EDP) for an appealing finish.  EDP coats evenly particularly in recessed areas and is corrosion resistant.  
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