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  Payments OE Caliper Big Brake Kit

An OE caliper big brake kit (BBK) is an alternative upgrade to a more expensive aluminum caliper big brake kit. It provides bigger rotors and longer caliper brackets, and allows customers to retain the use of their original caliper for immediate braking power improvement.

The benefits of a bigger rotor:

  • Provides greater brake torque, therefore shortening the stopping distance.
  • Increased rotor mass and heat capacity - lower chance of fading and warping.
  • Less wear on brake pads, reducing maintenance cost.
  • Lower maintenance cost by allowing you to use OE brake pads instead of expensive non-standard pads.
  • Visual Appeal – Big rotors give the “muscle” look under larger wheels.

We have successfully developed several OE caliper big brake kits. Our kits are not built just to satisfy the look; they are track proven and can even outperform some aluminum caliper BBKs on the market costing two or three times more.

Just be aware that there are different OE caliper kits on the market. Typically, they are "move-out kits", such as those from Border Racing in Japan or Powerslot in the US. These kits use an adaptor piece to lengthen the OE bracket. Their kit comes with 2 larger rotors, 2 adaptors and 8 bolts. The adaptor is relatively easy to fabricate, however there are flaws with this type of set up as explained below.

Competitors' move-out kits

A: The curvature of the original bracket was made to original rotor size (See Fig. 1) Say, 282mm.

B: A larger rotor (Say 298mm) will interfere with the original bracket at its original location (See Fig. 2).

C: In order to avoid the interference, an adaptor piece is used to move (relocate) the original bracket further out which will make the pad and piston hang outside the rotor (See Fig. 3).  This setup will result uneven and unbalanced braking pressure and cause brake deficiency.

D: The original bracket is now being attached to the spindle by the adaptor with 4 new bolts which not only makes the installation more difficult, but can also lose its one-piece bracket integrity and can cause premature brake failure.

RacingBrake true OE caliper kit

Our kits use one-piece extended brackets specially designed and made for larger rotors. They provide the exact functional integrity as the OE design in piston location relative to brake pads and the rotor. In addition, they allow the bracket to be attached to the spindle using the same OE bolts. (See Fig. 4)

RB OE caliper kits are designed based on our sound engineering background and in-depth knowledge of brake technology. From design, tooling, and machining to testing and product release, every kit goes thorough the same process -- no shortcuts.

Our caliper brackets are made of high strength ductile iron to ensure lasting performance (See photo below).

Our kits can be purchased with one-piece (street performance) or two-piece (track performance) big rotors to fit your budget and application requirement.

Learn more about RacingBrake's OE caliper kit...  
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