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  Payments Upgrading to late-model vehicles' brakes with OE Caliper Kits

RacingBrake OE caliper big brake kits are becoming more recognized and accepted as an alternative to the expensive aluminum caliper big brake kits that can cost thousands of dollars. Some concerns are being addressed by certain brake manufacturers about OE caliper big brake kits.

RB would like to explain the principle of how our OE caliper kits are built.

OEM - Larger brakes are the trend for new cars

Over the years, car manufacturers have been enlarging rotors for newer models in order to improve the stopping power. Here are just a few examples:

Make Model Year

Rotor (Front) OD

      mm inch
Acura NSX 92-96 282 11.10
97-05 298 11.73
BMW M3 (E30) 87-90 280 11.02
M3 (E36) 95-99 317 12.48
M3 (E46) 01-06 325 12.80
M3 (E46) Competition Package 04-06 345 13.60
Corvette C5 97-04 325 12.80
C6 (Perf.) 06+ 340 13.39
C6 (Z06) 06+ 355 13.98
Infiniti G35 (non-Brembo) 03-04 296 11.65
05-08 320 12.60
2008 (Sport) 330 13.00
Mitsubishi Evolution VIII 03-07 320 12.60
Evolution X 2008 350 13.80
Mazda MX-5 83-93 235 9.25
94-02 255 10.04
01-05 (Sport) 270 10.63
06+ 290 11.42
Nissan 350Z (non-Brembo) 03-05 296 11.65
06-08 320 12.60
Maxima 81-84 250 9.84
89-01 280 11.02
02-03 296 11.65
04-06 320 12.60
Subaru Legacy 00-04 294 11.57
05+ 316 12.44

Aftermarket - Upgrade by swapping to bigger brakes

Enthusiasts are swapping their smaller brakes to other model’s big brakes in order to gain the extra stopping power at an affordable cost. Here are some popular swaps:


Rotor OD

Swap to

Rotor OD

  mm inch   mm inch  
Subaru RS 277 10.91 Subaru WRX 294 11.57 6%
Subaru WRX (rear) 266 10347 Subaru Legacy (rear) 290 11.42 9%
Lexus 296 11.65 Supra TT 323 12.72 9%
VW Jetta 288 11.34 Audi TT/ Jetta GLI 312 12.28 8%
RX-8 (non-Sport) 303 11.93 RX-8 (Sport) 322 12.68 6%
Maxima (5th Gen) 280 11.02 Maxima (6th Gen) 320 12.60 14%
BMW (E36) 286 11.26 BMW (E46) 325 12.80 14%
240SX 252 9.92 300ZX 280 11.02 11%

Here is a link to a hot discussion of BMW’s brake swap from E36 to E46:

Racingbrake did not invent the OE caliper kit. Rather we redesigned and built them to maintain the integrity of the OE brake setup. We manufacture a longer bracket from ground up (design, tool, casting, machining, fitment and test drive) under our strict quality control process to assure a precise fit and lasting performance. The longer bracket is essential to the OE caliper kit, and is fundamentally different than the competition's "Move Out" kits.

These "move out" kits, made by companies such as Border Racing in Japan, Powerslot, Baer Brake System, Comptech, and AEM in the US) use an adaptor piece and additional hardware to relocate the "original" bracket outward. This not only has hidden flaws causing brake deficiency, but the installation can lead to premature failure. Learn more...

Experience counts. Click here to see Racingbrake’s complete OE caliper upgrades kits available with proven results, that have met hundreds of enthusiasts’ satisfaction in terms of price, performance and look.

"I have tried many combos in my track use and just recently upgraded to a new setup from a larger two piece directional rotor with a bracket to use the stock calipers and I am using Hawk HT60 pads...I have not Raced on them as of yet but tested them and they are working great!!!!!! BUT the Hawk compound I am using is NOT a street compound..also be sure and use Motul 600 as it has a high dry and wet boiling point...and I am using fully dedicated 5" ducts to each wheel from the front...look up RACINGBRAKE.COM as they were really nice to deal with. Lots of good info and advice" - Jerome Jacalone (VintageracerNYC),

Advantage of RacingBrake OE caliper big brake kits:

  1. Built to fit under stock wheels. No larger wheels, wheel spacers, or longer studs to buy and install like competitions’ aluminum caliper kits.
  2. Direct bolt-on, easy to install. No additional hardware, no bleeding required.
  3. Extremely affordable – Costs only a fraction of an aluminum caliper big brake kit.
  4. Low maintenance cost – Retains the use of OE pads with the freedom of choice (stock or aftermarket) at a fraction of those expensive non-standard (FMSI) pads.
  5. Our brackets are made of high strength ductile iron and are stronger and stiffer than aluminum brackets. See the comparison chart:
      Tensile Strength Hardness (BHN) Elongation
    Caliper Bracket Material Description (The higher the stronger) (The higher the stiffer) (The lower the less deflection)
    Ductile Iron (SAE J434c D5506) RB's OE caliper bracket 80,000 221 6%
    Aluminum (7075-T6) BBK's bracket (better grade) 73,000 150 11%
    Aluminum (6061-T6) BBK's bracket (lower grade) 39,300 95 12%

  6. Performance improvement and satisfaction is assured by RB’s worry-free money back guarantee.

Being in the brake business for over 20 years (since 1986), we know how to design and build a sound brake system based on our experience and know-how. However, we will not make you believe that it’s rocket science, filled with mysterious theories and calculations. Nor will we downplay certain setups simply because they are made by other manufacturers. We lead the industry with innovative designs and advanced manufacturing technology.

We work hard to ease your installation and budget in addition to the performance you expect and the look you want. Just like we have stated in our mission statement:

“Not a big name like Brembo or AP. No complicated brake theories, misleading claims or fabricated data. No gimmicks. Simply great brakes at great prices!

RB kits represent the best value in big brake kit upgrades that are built for the “rest of us!”

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Last Updated: 6/23/08  
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