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  Why the rotor is so important to a brake system?
     Explains Brake Temperature, Rotor Factors, Rotor Material, and different Rotor designs.
  Why does a rotor needs to be balanced?
     Explaining the cause and correction of an unbalanced rotor.
  Types of vane design for ventilated rotors.
     Explains different types of rotor cooling vanes.
  Big Brake Kit Feature Comparison Chart.
     Compare the features and see the benefits of our brake kits versus the competition.
  What rotor is good for me?
     Explains the four major criteria that dictate the performance of a brake rotor.
  What kind of disc finish should I choose?
     Compare the advantages and disadvantages of slotted, drilled, and open slot rotors.
  Choosing a right racing pad.
     Explains the important association between racing pads and rotors.
One-piece rotors
  Selection Guide
     Which rotor is right for me?
  Rotor Description
     Detailed explanation of our one-piece rotors.
  Feature Comparison
     Compare the features between the competition & RacingBrake one-piece rotors, also describes the benefits.
  Rotors Upgraded From Straight Vane to Curved Vane
     See complete list of rotors upgraded from straight vane to curved vane (directional).
Two-piece rotors
  Rotor Description
     Detailed explanation of the advantages, design, and production of our two-piece rotors.
  Feature Comparison
     Compare the features between the competition & RacingBrake two-piece rotors, also describes the benefits.
OE Caliper Brake kits
  Why RB OE caliper kit is different from others
     Using stock calipers (floating type) to fit over-sized rotors.
  How RB OE caliper kit is built differently from others
     Comparison of RB OE caliper kits to competition OE caliper kits.
Aluminum Caliper Brake kits
  RB Aluminum Caliper Big Brake Kit Advantages
     The advantages of owning an RB aluminum caliper big brake kit.
  Caliper Design Technology
     Insights into the design of RB aluminum caliper kits.
Hawk brake pads
  Performance Street
     Hawk street performance selection guide.
     Hawk motorsports selection guide.
RacingBrake brake pads
     Introduction to RacingBrake street and motorsports brake pad compounds.
  Application List
     List of applications we offer on our ET Series brake pad compounds.  
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