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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is RacingBrake anyway?
Why should I buy RacingBrake rotors?
How does RacingBrake quality compared to others?
Are RacingBrake rotors resistant to rust?
Are RacingBrake rotors expensive?
Is RacingBrake a distributor or manufacturer?
What kind of warranty does RacingBrake offer?

Who is RacingBrake anyway?

RacingBrake is the performance division of TPM Products, Inc., a 20-year veteran in the brake industry. At RacingBrake, we are dedicated to providing the best solution for performance braking. Although we are still relatively new in the performance industry, our manufacturing experience and technical innovation has already led to three patent-pending designs aimed at improving brake performance.

Why should I buy RacingBrake rotors?

Because we produce rotors from the ground up. We start with pencil and paper (actually SolidWorks 3D CAD software) to design, tool, cast, and machine the best brake products available. Each production step is controlled by our process specifications and standards accumulated through 20 years of experience. The confidence we have in our products is evident by the TPM name and production lot or date code, cast right into the part. This design and manufacturing integrity allows us to provide superior quality products at competitive prices.

How does RacingBrake quality compared to others?

Our quality is second to none. For example, our castings are made of alloyed cast iron, many with proprietary chemical composition and/or process heat treatment to improve performance and durability. Can other suppliers even talk to that subject? Our machining specifications such as disc thickness variation (DTV) and parallelism are among the strictest in the industry and all vented rotors are 100% dynamically balanced to assure tight TIR (Total Indicator Runout) control.

Are RacingBrake rotors resistant to rust?

RacingBrake is the first company to introduce an EDP (Electronic Deposition Paint) rotor surface coating to the market. The EDP process penetrates and provides an even coating to all crevices and corners and can withstand up to 250 hours salt spray test. In comparison, zinc plating usually leaves vanes and other hidden surfaces un-plated and may last less than half the time of EDP in a salt spray test. After EDP, the rotor is sent back to production line for the last process - double crosscut grinding on the friction surfaces. This most important final step assures flatness and parallelism and provides the ideal surface for break in unlike inexpensive zinc plating, which impedes break in and may hide imperfections.

Are RacingBrake rotors expensive?

We guarantee to have the lowest prices at a comparable quality level. In fact our two-piece replacement discs, rotor assemblies and big brake kits not only cost less but to outperform known brands. Our pledge is to provide a series of affordable brake upgrade solutions for street and track drivers. Whether you are replacing stock rotors or upgrading to a big brake kit with relocated stock calipers and/or 4/6 piston lightweight aluminum calipers. Our solutions will dramatically improve your braking performance and they are affordable. There is no better value in brake upgrade components.

Is RacingBrake a distributor or manufacturer?

RacingBrake goes beyond that question; we are a brake system integrator. We subcontract our casting and machining to partner companies under our specifications just like original equipment manufacturers do. Parts are received, inspected, assembled, tested and packaged here in our facility in Fullerton, CA. We incorporate components such as Hawk brake pads to insure our packages offer exceptional quality, performance, and value.

What kind of warranty does RacingBrake offer?

View our warranty information.