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Anthony Zwain Anthony Zwain - BMW E36 M3 with Brembo BBK and RB Rotor Rings 25 Hours of Thunderhill
"RacingBrake provided our team with the rotors that would go the distance. The car's brakes could not have performed better.This may have been one of the only dvantages we had over our competitors, the ability to out brake them in any corner.The rotor and pad combination worked flawlessly every time we used them, with over 4800 applications of the brake pedal during the race and not a single issue.This is 3 years in a row that we have run your rotor rings at this event and we have never had an issue with them lasting the entire race. Your rotor rings will be the only ones we will use from here on out."
Rudy Brenalvirez Rudy Brenalvirez - Corvette Z06
"RacingBrake’s 2 piece front and 3 piece rear rotors provide the right braking surface for Hawk DTC-70 pads on my Corvette. The long wearing rotor rings run much cooler than my stock rotors did and are simple to change out when needed. Thanks to RacingBrake, I run consistently at the top of my Time Trials class - TTU. "
Mark Sipe Mark Sipe - Mazda RX8
"The awesome braking improvement and weight reduction of the RacingBrake BBK & rear rotor setup we're using on our Mazda RX-8 is an integral part of our success."

Pete Tiebout Pete - Mitsubishi EVO
"Well, with the help from RB I have clinched the Time Trial Championship in my class ST2 !! I have enough wins that I can't be beaten even if I don't go to the last 2 events."

David Bongiovanni David Bongiovanni - Mitsubishi EVO
Goodsport Racing
"I drove the wheels off the car, turning a 2:01.5 laptime in the 3300 lb. car, and these brakes performed exceptionally. Rotor wear was higher than with the ET700, but still lower than I've seen with any other full race pad. There was little noise, with absolutely no squeeling whether cold or hot."

Glenn Mead Glenn Mead - Nissan 350Z
ET700: "It was really nice to be able to drive the car on the street and on the track with the same pad. The pads had great modulation both on and off the track, and were very kind to the rotors."

ET900: "At a recent Road Atlanta event, I knocked a second off my times by switching to the 900 series."

Bobby Fischer Bobby Fischer - Cadillac CTS-V
"With over 180 minutes of track time, the two piece brake rotor performed extremely well again. After running for periods of time and waiting for the last possible moment to enter and exit the turns, the RacingBrake rotors continue to perform unbelievably. I have cut 3 -4 seconds off of my lap time."

Jerome Jacalone Jerome Jacalone - Acura NSX
"Racing at VIR using Racingbrake two piece rotor upgrades both front and rear. I used Hawk DT-60 pads front and the Blue rear pads. One hour enduro and had ZERO fade for the entire race...These things were very confidence inspiring and not a single problem."
Percy Howard Percy Howard - Mitsubishi EVO
2nd place in NASA Time Trials (TTA)
"I was frankly STUNNED at the effectiveness of RacingBrake big bake kit two-piece rotor and Hawk racing pad (DTC-60) combination over my stock Brembo brake set-up on my EVO 8. The RacingBrake BBK performed flawlessly."
Joel Lipperini Joel Lipperini - Honda Civic
2004 SCCA SSC National Champion

"FINALLY, RacingBrake has produced a rotor that not only stands up to the punishing abuse on my race car, it actually lasts longer..."

Tom Long Tom Long - Mazda Miata
2005 Miata Cup North American & Atlantic Champion
"RacingBrake rotors give you that extra edge in braking confidence you need to win."
Ed Haney Ed Haney - Subaru STi
"RacingBrake rotors provide the quality friction surface I need to fully utilize the aggressive pad compounds I use both on the track and the street."

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