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Disc Dia (mm) Typical App. (OE or retrofit upgrade)
Item # Cost/Pair
401 & Larger 991 GT3; Audi RS7; BMW M3/4/5; MB S63/65, GT-R; Lexus LC500
Nismo CCB, Bentley Continental
CCM-RS-04 $1,600
381-400 991 GT3 (R); Ferrari F430/F458; ZR1/Z28; Z28 (R), Hellcat, GT350;
Jeep TrackHawk; Tesla S/M3; Lamboghini; Mclaren; Aston Martin
CCM-RS-03 $1,500
361-380 997.2 GT3; Ferrari 360SC; ZR1 (R); BMW M3/4 (R)
CCM-RS-02 $1,400
360 & Smaller 996/997 GT3 (F&R); Tesla S/M (R); All MB (R); Ferrari (R) Demon (F&R)
CCM-RS-01 $1,300

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CCM Disc (360mm & Smaller) Qty 2 ea (1 pair) CCM Disc (361 - 380mm) Qty 2 ea (1 pair) CCM Disc (381 - 400mm) Qty 2 ea (1 pair)
CCM Disc (401mm & Larger) Qty 2 ea (1 pair)
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CCM rotor refurbishment is a combination of both chemical and mechanical processes.

  1. This processes involves removing the damaged (typically oxidized) surface and rebuild with a protective new surface coat.
  2. There is a limit to the number of times any disc can be refurbished, which is dictated by the minimum thickness at the end of the process. The worse/deeper the damage to the disc, and hence the deeper the repair, then this will adversely affect the number of times the discs may be refurbished.
  3. A refurbished disc generally will have better life expectancy and performance than the original disc.
Scope of Service:

  1. Service is strictly for disc refurbishing only, excluding hats and/or hardware.
  2. Discs conditions are checked upon receipt to qualify for refurbishment.
  3. Disassembly, re-assembly of rotor hats & hardware, and their integrity are NOT included in this service.
  4. All used discs must be sent in w/o hat and/or hardware.
  5. If hats and hardware service is required it shall be quoted separately based on the requirement and their conditions with customers' approval at additional cost before proceeding for refurbishing.
  6. Price includes prepaid freight (call tag) for inbound shipment, customer pays return shipment with the service order.

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