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RB Two-piece Rotor Kit for Camaro SS (Gen 6) 2016+ (P/N 2535 & 2505)
RB Two-piece Rotor Kit for Camaro SS (Gen 6) (P/N 2505 & 2535)
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Our Price: $2,090.00
Sale Price: $1,881.00
You save $209.00!

Size: See below
Rotor Wt (lbs.): See below

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Product Code: GM-IRK-12

RB-Brake Pad

ET500 - Street (PD1001-35 & PD1718-35) [Included]
XT910 - Spirited (PD1001-391 & PD1718-391) [Add $51.00]
Brake Fluid

Brake fluid not included
1 Liter Motul RBF 600 [Add $36.00]

This kit includes:
Rotor Weight Comparison
Size (mm) Wt (lbs) Size (mm) Wt (lbs)
OE one piece 345x30 20 340x26 18
RB two piece 340x31* 17.2 340x26 14.1

* You will notice that our front rotor diameter is 340mm vs. OE's 345mm and thickness was increased to 31mm (vs. OE's 30mm), because the pad only makes contact with the rotor at 340mm diameter, plus a rotor of this size the proper thickness s/b 32mm but the OE caliper can only fit a maximum thickness of 31mm. Understand these rotors are made to fit under OE calipers than for track duty. If you are looking for track duty set up you should consider to upgrade to ZL1 stock brake or RB's complete caliper kit.
Link to RB caliper kit: http://www.racingbrake.com/category-s/7373.htm?se...

Replacement Components:
Front Rotor Ring: D400-02-381
Rear Rotor Ring: D407-02-381
Front Brake Pads: PD1001
Rear Brake Pads: PD1718

These two-piece rotors were engineered to be the best stock replacement two-piece rotor on the performance market. This rotor is direct bolt-on, easy to install, no additional hardware needed. They can deliver consistent brake torque under extreme heat, session after session. When it comes to replacement - operating cost over the time will be lower than one-piece rotor. Our unique and patented rotor designs make our discs cooler and last longer:

  1. Convergent vane design

    The cooling vanes are of a convergent nozzle design, which increases airflow and turbulence and makes discs cooler. (Illustration #1)

  2. Center-mount design

    The center-mount flanges for hat mounting to the rotor ring have several benefits. (Illustration #2)
    • It allows the ring to be used on either side of the vehicle simply by mounting the hat on either side of the ring (unidirectional).
    • The stress load transferred from the ring to the hat is balanced.
    • Air inlets are widely open to both inboard and outboard sides of the rotor. More air suctions and even temperature on both sides of the disc surface.
    • Heat transfer from the disc surfaces to the hat is even and minimized by increasing the flange length and the airflow around the flanges.
    • Mounting flanges are on both friction surfaces ultimately provides excellent heat balance.
  3. True floating design

    Exclusive full floating design with 10.9 grade alloyed hardware. Hardware is DACRO coated and crimp locking. DACRO is highly corrosion resistant and provides a film for easier movement between the hat and rotor ring as disc expands and contracts and the crimp design provides positive engagement without rattling or torque loss at temperature.

  4. Iron sleeve insert
RB aluminum rotors hats are constructed of aluminum with an iron sleeve insert. This allows for significant weight savings while still preserving the use of the stock emergency brake. This design is only available through RB.

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