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Since 1985, Racingbrake has been a parts supplier to major distributors in North America and has earned a sterling reputation in the market by emphasizing our quality, design and craftsmanship. This philosophy is carried on today in our RacingBrake division; bringing you the highest standard of products in the industry.

Quality Guarantee


Without a doubt your brakes are the most important single piece of equipment in your car.

We thoroughly review our manufacturing procedure, material usage, design and test the products under harsh track condition before moving on to mass production. Post manufacturing our products faces a rigorous inspection process and then each one is engraved with a serial number to assure you the best quality of parts possible.

Feel the confidence in our parts performance; even if you decide to use our product as a OE replacement. If you are not completely satisfied with our parts we offer a money back guarantee.


What differentiates Racingbrake from our competitors starts at our design basis. Instead of replicating and modifying existing OE part specification we start from the spindle and recreate the braking system in Solidworks to avoid any factory manufacturing tolerance. Then we can apply our expertise, patented design and components to improve the overall performance; going beyond just fixing existing problems.

Our design ingenuity is evident in our products. With years of experience in the brake industry the 2 piece patented center mount rotor design was invented after identifying the flaws of the traditional surface mount design. This concept extends to our big brake kits, carbon ceramic brakes, and even our caliper rebuild components.

Take a look at our products and find out how Racingbrake standout in the industry..


For over 30 years we have been meticulously hand building our brake kits here in southern California by our team of professionals. The fine art of hand crafted brakes is a tradition that brings our design and quality philosophy together.

This craftsmanship allows us create custom carbon ceramic big brake kits, iron rotor kits, and rebuild calipers at a pace far faster than our competition. Whether it's a classic, SUV, concept, or a modern day exotic we will rise above and beyond your expectation.

Give us a try and find out why we are called RacingBrake.