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355mm Brembo disc replacement only for ACR-X (re-use hat) for TA pad (60mm)
1406-10 NA
355mm Stoptech 2pc replacement and 1pc rotor upgrade
2218 NA
355mm complete Brembo rotor replacement for ACR-X (surface mount)

355/355mm rotor replacement (RB center mt) for Brembo 2pc, Stoptech 2pc, or 1pc upgrade 2343 2219 DOD-IRK-02
355/355mm RB brake kit, 4 pot HD front & rear balance kit (correcting OE's bias)-fits 18" SideWinder OE wheel
2343K 2546 DOD-IRP-01
370mm front big rotor kit for OE 4 pot caliper, fits 18" SideWinder OE wheel
2504 NA
380/355mm RB 6/4 pot (balanced bias) brake kit (19" wheel) 2550 2546 DOD-IRP-03
390/355mm rotors with OE 6 pot brand new & OE 4 pot caliper kit (rear calipers by customer for 19" wheels (This kit is similar to G6 CCB converting to Iron)
2497 2219 DOD-IRP-02
380/360mm carbon rotors with RB caliper kit for 18" wheels 2C44 2C72 RCCB-DOD-02
380mm front carbon rotors/355mm rear iron rotors with 6/4 pot (balanced bias) RB caliper kit for 19/18" wheels 2C44 2546 RCCB-DOD-03
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Two-Piece Rotor (Surface Mount, Slotted) - Viper ACR-X FRONT RB 4 Pot Calipers for Porsche 991, Dodge Viper, Nissan GTR, Mustang GT350 Rear Caliper Replacement RacingBrake Balanced Brake Kit Dodge Viper
RB 2pc Rotor (Open Slot) for Viper ACR, ACR-X 03+ Front (Fits TA 60mm Pad)
MSRP (pair): $1,155.00
Sale Price (pair): $1,040.00
You save $115.00!
RB Front & Rear 4 Pot balanced brake kit for Dodge Viper 2003+ (P/N 2343 & 2546)
Our Price: $5,310.00
Sale Price: $4,650.00
You save $660.00!
2343 RB4M3 DOD-IRP-01